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14 March 2009

Hand-drawing envelopes

In past two months, I got many hand-drawing covers from different friends, or print the related photos on the envelopes, they are beautiful and make the envelopes more attractive. Now I would show three of them from the Netherlands and Portugal, as those covers are franked with nice bird stamps - although some stamps shown here already.

0,65 € : Hawfinch (錫嘴雀) ; 0,39 € : Great Cormorant (普通鸕鶿)
the Netherlands (2005)
24th February, 2009. Zwolle, Overijssel

The first one is from the Netherlands, two stamps are come from a set of two different souvenir sheets which commemorated 100 years of Natuurmonumenten (English: Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands), the organisation found in 1905 by Jac. P. Thijsse. These two sheets feature 8 different species and only two are birds, the cover presents Great Cormorant and male Hawfinch, and the stamp illustrated female Hawfinch.

0,39 € : Common Crane (灰鶴) ; 70+30c : Black-tailed Godwit (黑尾塍鷸)
the Netherlands (2006, 1984)
20th January, 2009. Grote Market, Goes
20th January, 2009. Rotterdam

The above cover come from the Netherlands again which illustrated with colour pencils, seems it is a White Stork (白鸛). It lets me remember pictorial books read in child time. Stamps are Common Crane (really is crane, great drawing !) and Black-tailed Godwit, they were issued on 2006 and 1984 respectively.

First roll :
0,61 € : Wilson's Storm Petrel (黃蹼洋海燕) ; 0,52 € : Razorbill (刀嘴海雀)
Second roll : 0,70 € : Black-eared Wheatear (白頂即鳥)
0,02 € : European Bee-eater (黃喉蜂虎)
Portugal (2008, 2003, 2002)
18th January, 2009. Avenida 5 de Outubro, Lisbon

Same as last cover, this cover also used colour-pencils, but it sent from Portugal. It looks very cute, especially the bill is in reddish colour, perhaps it is sharp enough in high-level area. Above two stamps have been shown here before, and other two are come from the definitive set issued on 2002 to 2003.

$1,40 : Fork-tailed Sunbird (叉尾太陽鳥) ; $1,80 : Roseate Tern (粉紅燕鷗)
$2,40 : Greater Painted Snipe (彩鷸) ; $3,00 : Red-whiskered Bulbul (紅耳鵯)
Hongkong (2006)
23rd February, 2009. Airmail Centre

At last, I would shown my illustration, this was drew at Shatin Park in last month. Those stamps are in coil format so they are smaller than normal size.

Thanks Else and Jetske from the Netherlands, and Paula from Portugal of all their great works.
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