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24 March 2009

Many-coloured Fruit-Dove

Many-coloured Fruit-Dove (雜色果鳩)
Fiji (2009)
2nd March, 2009. Suva

Fijian fruit dove issue again, this cover only features Many-coloured Fruit Dove. On the time of preparing the cover, postage to Hongkong was $1,70 and that means above stamps meet the Fijian postage rate. However when I checked a month ago, it is $2,20 for 30g mail, anyway it is excellent cover in my collection.

The cover on the left hand side features an overprinted stamp, original issued on 1998 but overprinted in unknown day. I have been advised Fiji Post, it didn't have answer but listed how many overprint stamps post office have. Who have more information of the stamp ? Please email to me, thanks !
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