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20 March 2009

Undiscovered talent

Azores Bullfinch (亞速爾紅腹灰雀)
Azores (2008)

24th October, 2008. Sete-Rios, Lisbon

In Chinese, there have a phrase undiscovered talent (滄海遺珠), it means a treasure forgotten by someone. Here are two covers received recent days, two species Azores Bullfinch and Green Peafowl have been shown here before. Anyway, I would say a great thanks to José of Lisbon and Ray of Nanjing, who sent me these two nice mails.

Green Peafowl (綠孔雀)
China (2004)
8th March, 2009. Fuqiao, Nanjing
11th March, 2009. Hongkong
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