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21 May 2009

Domestic birds of Switzerland (3)

1,90 CHF : Red Kite (紅鳶) ; 1,40 CHF : Rock Partridge (石雞)
Switzerland (2009)

8th May, 2009. Schanzenstrasse, Bern
18th May, 2009. Hongkong

As the domestic tariff of Switzerland planned to adjust on April 1st, two new stamps issued on the same day for the domestic bird definitive series, and they separate are Red Kite and Rock Partridge will be last two of this series. Those two birds are common resident birds in continent of Europe. Rock Partridge mostly lives in forest of high mountain areas, and also can be found in north-east of China and west of America, it is popular game in China, some says its taste better than Common Pheasant (雉雞). Red Kite can be found in whole area of Switzerland, either in cities, villages or forest areas.

The design of first day cover same as last three issues, illustrated different footprints of some species. The cover also features one definitive stamp Grey-faced Woodpecker (灰頭綠啄木鳥) has been shown in this blog before.
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