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10 May 2009

Exploring in South Pole

Snow Petrel (雪鸌)
China (2002)

8th August, 2008. Guangzhong Road, Shanghai
15th August, 2008. Hongkong

Beside those traditional countries like Norway, Argentina, Australia and Great Britain, some countries especially asian countries like Japan, South Korea and China begin to explore this secret continent in recent years. They built couple of research stations in Antarctic or nearest South Pole for science observatories. Selected two series of stamps are issued by China and South Korea. 2008 is the 20th anniversary of foundation of King Sejong Station, which is a year-round station established by South Korea, the stamp was commemorated this event. China also built two year-round stations in Antarctic, they named Great Wall and Zhoungshan, opened on 1985 and 1989 separately, the stamp shown above is illustrated the Grove Mountain in Antarctic.

Left : South Polar Skua (南極賊鷗) and Gentoo Penguin (巴布亞企鵝)
Right : Chinstrap Penguin (南極企鵝) and King Penguin (國王企鵝)
Korea, Republic of (2008)

15th February, 2008. Kang Nam, Seoul (features first day special postmark)
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