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29 June 2009

White Wagtail

White Wagtail (白鶺鴒)
Hongkong (2006)

7th February, 2009. Leimukshui

White Wagtail is very common migrating bird in Hongkong, mostly can be found in parks located in New Territories, of course many of birds are live in Maipo and rounded wetlands. This species commonly breeds in Eurasia area and flies to south like south-east Asia or Africa for winter time.

Above cover is come from a parcel so the postmarks are not clear enough, the cover also featured five Large Faun (串珠環蝶) butterfly stamps issued on 2007. Below mail franked with another butterfly stamp from the same stamp set, this butterfly called Spotted Royal.

Spotted Royal (豹斑雙尾灰蝶)
Hongkong (2007)

11th February, 2009. Kwai Fong
12th February, 2009. Shatin Central

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