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2 August 2009

Definitive stamps of Malaysia

30 sen : Ochraceous Bulbul (白喉褐冠鵯)
50 sen : White-rumped Shama (白腰鵲鴝)
RM1 : Emerald Dove (翠翼鳩) ; 20 sen : Spotted Dove (珠頸斑鳩)
Malaysia (2005)

5th May, 2009. Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

In 2005, Malaysia issued a set of 8 domestic bird definitive stamps, they seem beautiful but some values are quite expensive. Here is one cover franked with four of them, thanks Ronny of this cover and luckily it includes one high value stamp. However so pity that the postmarks are not clear to be identify.

Although some of these birds are very common in south-east Asia, they are not have much chance appear on the stamps. Example only four countries have been issued such stamps for Spotted Dove, but it easily can be found in parks or resident area. Ochraceous Bulbul is new star of bird theme too.

On the cover also franked with one Malay Peacock-pheasant (鳳冠孔雀雉), it has been shown in here before.
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