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6 August 2009

Pro juventute (1)

From left to right :
Eurasian Capercaillie (松雞) ; Woodchat Shrike (林鶺伯勞)
Firecrest (火冠戴菊)
Switzerland (1968)

14th July, 2009. Bern (Philatelic Bureau)

Each year, Swiss Post issues a set of children fund charity stamps on its final season. Mostly stamps are related to children like different faces of child, folk stories, tales or toys. In 1968 to 1971, there were four issues illustrated 16 domestic birds, the above cover with three block of four were issued on 1968. Thanks zasa of her great covers.

Eurasian Capercaille and Firecrest have been shown here before, but they issued by Spain, Turkey and Egypt separately. However, these three birds are very common in Switzerland, and they can be found in parks, forest and resident area.
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