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28 August 2009

Tourist mail (1)

L : Ibex (北山羊) ; R : Steller's Sea Eagle (虎頭海雕)
China (2001)

5th April, 2008. Zhongshan (Southern district), Guangdong

When I travel to somewhere, there will be sent a mail back to my home if it is possible. Here is one example of the short trip to Zhongshan, a township near south-west of Canton. The cover features two stamps come from wild animals sheetlet issued on 2001. Ibex lives in grasslands and mountain area of desert range, mostly can be found in Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang. Steller's Sea Eagle is the most heaviest eagle in the world, widely breeds in the offshore of Volcanoes of Kamchatka and Sea of Okhotsk, Amur and north of Sakhalin. In winter they migrate to Kuril Islands and Hokkaidō. Nowadays, these two species are listed as endangered species and protected by law in China.
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