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4 September 2009

Griffon Vulture

FrontGriffon Vulture (黑白禿鷲)
Andorra (France)(1992)

10th August, 2009. La Vella
20th August, 2009. Hongkong

Griffon Vulture has been shown in last Israel postage label cover, and have detailed description, here is another cover come from Andorra. The Griffon Vulture is very common in southern Europe, northern Africa and Asia, especially in mountain area. Mostly they are resident prey but some of them may move to other places due to lack of food availability, the Griffon Vulture lives in the Pyrenees is one example, some of them have been vagrant to Netherlands and Belgium.

The Pyrenees is a natural border between France and Spain, also these two countries bordered Andorra as the country located inside the mountain, it elevated 11.168 ft and extended more than 400 km for separate Iberian Peninsula and continental Europe.

The cover franked full of them on both sides and looks busy, there have one Common Brimstone (鼠素粉蝶) stamp issued on 1995 and two Europa blocks issued on 2001 and 2002 respectively.

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