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24 September 2009

Joint issue - Bulgaria and Serbia

22d : Eurasian Woodcock (丘鷸) ; 46d : Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush (白背磯鶇)
Serbia (2009)

4th September, 2009. Kanjiza

There have two joint issues I want to collect this year, one is Iran-Portugal joint issue and another one is Bulgaria-Serbia joint issue. Actually these four species may duplicate in my collection, but they seem interesting and the covers of these countries I didn't own before. Here is a pair of Bulgaria-Serbia covers sent from these two countries, the Serbia one is not easy to collect wheile two covers have been lost in journey.

In here I don't want to repeat introduce these two species - Eurasian Woodcock and Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush, they shown before in Belgium and Swiss issues. However, different than Swiss one, the Rock-Thrush in this issue illustrated as blue colour, as the birds may change their feather to blue in spring and back to white in winter.

The stamps, except two birds, illustration of backgrounds are vary in these two issues, it caused Bulgaria one looks oddly. Bulgaria also issued a same illustration pre-paid envelope for the series, left-side of envelope illustrated someone hunting a Marsh Harrier (白腹鷂) in rural area. Thanks Iajcsak from Majdan and Ivan from Sofia of their nice covers.

0,60l : Eurasian Woodcock (丘鷸) ; 1,00l : Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush (白背磯鶇)
Bulgaria (2009)

28th May, 2009. Sofia
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