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6 September 2009

Migratory birds of Malaysia

30 sen : Crested Honey Buzzard (鳳頭蜂鷹) ; 50 sen : Purple Heron (紫鷺)
RM 1 : Lesser Crested Tern (小鳳頭燕鷗)
Malaysia (2005)

6th August, 2009. Muar, Johor

In last month, I participated an envelope swapping group in postcrossing forum, here is one from Malaysia with whole set of attractive bird stamps on coloured envelope, thanks newrule of this nice cover. This stamp set issued on 4 years ago illustrated three Malaysian migratory birds, Crested Honey Buzzard breeds in Asia, from central Siberia to Japan and migrates to tropical Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaya Peninsula and Island of Borneo. Purple Heron widely breeds in Eurasia, southern Europe, Africa, Madagascar and mainland China. It also migrates to topical areas and can be found in field and wetlands. Lesser Crested Tern is a seabird, it looks like Chinese Crested Tern (黑嘴端鳳頭燕鷗) but its bill in orange colour. However it is more common than Chinese Crested Tern as it can be found in offshore from Red Sea to western Pacific Ocean and Australia.
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