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14 September 2009

Summer birds

23p : Dartford Warbler (波紋林鶯) ; 17p : Short-toed Treecreeper (短趾旋木雀)
Jersey (1993)

26th August, 2009. St Saviour (Philatelic Bureau)

Basically it is not a good mail which original sent by registered mail, unfortunately Jersey Post did not cooperate due to the unreasonable reason of some stamps gone to back side of envelope and they are too tight for cancellation. It only done the front side for me without any regret. It is first time to meet such poor post office when I send the mails over the world.

Above stamps issued on 1992 and 1993, illustrated winter bird Firecrest (火冠戴菊) and summer birds to be found in Jersey, they seem very common in Channel Islands, Ireland and England. And also west Europe and north-west of Africa.
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