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19 October 2009

Birds of Hongkong (2) - Overpaid and due

20c : Collared Scops Owl (領角鴞) ; $1,80 : Roseate Tern (粉紅燕鷗)
$3 : Red-whiskered Bulbul (紅耳鵯) ; $5 : Long-tailed Shrike (棕背伯勞)
$1,40 : Fork-tailed Sunbird (叉尾太陽鳥) ; 10c : White-bellied Sea Eagle (白腹海鵰)
$1 : Common Kingfisher (普通翠鳥) ; $2 : Little Egret (小白鷺)
Hongkong (re-print 2009, 2006)

22nd January, 2009. Shatin Central

After couple of months, Hongkong Post released reprint definitive stamps on July. Same as before, all details are same except top-margin printed with EX prefix number. Above cover with whole set of re-print stamps bears prefix number was sent on the day of issue. In here I shall not repeat to write these species, however there is very interesting that the cover postmarked with sign Overpaid, customer informed, it is because the total value of the stamps has overpaid the basic domestic registered mail rate, and it discovered by counter.

Oppositely, if there is not enough postage stamps to be affixed, post office will charge the due tax to customer. For domestic mail, customer normally will be charged double how much does the domestic letter owe. Below one is an example of recorded delivery mail owed 40 cents of postage, it finally be changed double. 80 cents postage due labels are affixed, also cancelled with sign To pay and regular date-postmark by North Point post box office on May 17 of 2008, very specially it was last day service of this post office and no other replacement.

Red-whiskered Bulbul (紅耳鵯)
Hongkong (2006, postage due label : 2004)

14th May, 2008. International Mail Centre
17th May, 2008. North Point
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