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27 November 2009

Birds of Portugal

From left to right :
0,54 € and 0,43 € : Eurasian Eagle-owl (鵰鴞)
0,60 € : Red-necked Nightjar (紅頸夜鷹) ; 0,58 € : Thekla Lark (短嘴鳳頭百靈)
0,01 € : European Green Woodpecker (綠啄木鳥) ; 0,28 € : Little Tern (小燕鷗)
0,72 € : European Crested Tit (鳳頭山雀)
Portugal (2002, 2003, 2004)

23rd October, 2009. Praça dos Restauradores, Lisbon
30th October, 2009. Hongkong

Since 2000, Portugal Post issued five pretty definitive stamp series feature 26 species which to be found in this nation, beside products also included some postal stationary, postage label, self-adhesive booklets and stamps for domestic priority mail. To suit the currency changed from Escudo to Euro on 2002, the stamp denominations of first and second series are indicated with both Escudo to Euro currencies and other three are only in Euro, when Escudo lost its official currency on 2002. In here I have been shown two covers, one was the postage label and another was two of this definitive set. Thank you Paula again she sent me above attractive cover from Lisbon, with many stamps of this definitive set. Those species are simplely descript as below.

Eurasian Eagle-owl is the world largest Strigidae (鴟鴞科) species, its length can be over 80cm widely lives in Eurasia and southern Sahara. Mostly to be found in woodland forests and hilly mountains. The type locality of the specis located in Switzerland. Red-necked Nightjar is the largest nightjar common to be found in Iberia and North Africa, and they shall migrate to West Africa during late April to May. Thekla Lark is a dark-browned bird widely to be found in Eurasia and North Africa, also whole sub-Saharan area. Commonly lives in dry plains and area near desert. Always walks on the land or flying with wave sharp. European Green Woodpecker occurs in most parts of Europe and western Asia. Except the bill and reddish head, whole body in green colour. Crested Tit is a common resident breeder in coniferous forest of northern Europe and deciduous forest of France and Iberia.

Beside of above cover, I also sent one cover with Red-rumped Swallow stamps during I was travelling to Portugal on 2007. Red-rumped Swallow widely to be found in Siberia and whole eastern Asia, India Peninsula, southern Europe, northern Africa and western and eastern sub-Sahara area. Below is the part of the cover only shown the stamps and postmark, the photograph on left side is wall decoration of the Caldas da Reinha post office, which is original place to send this mail.

Red-rumped Swallow (金腰燕)
Portugal (2004)

3rd July, 2007. Caldas da Rainha
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