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20 November 2009

French DOM collection (1) - Réunion

From left to right :
0,46 € : Purple-throated Carib (紫喉蜂鳥)
0,61 € : Blue-headed Hummingbird (藍頂蜂鳥)
0,69 € : Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher (馬斯卡林壽帶鶲)
0,46 € : Channel-billed Toucan (藍面巨嘴鳥)
France (2003)

24th August, 2009. Forum-des-halles, Paris

In April, here had introduced an envelope stamped with French Overseas territories' birds issue, however it only has hummingbird and toucan. After a couple of months, François sent me above cover with whole set of stamps, thanks to his great mail. Of course, this cover seems missing something. During the holiday of October, I started a new project about mails send from all of four French overseas departments - Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana. Now I would beginning to show them in four threads, although only two have been turned back, and first one is Réunion.

Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher (馬斯卡林壽帶鶲)
France (2003)

17th October, 2009. Cilaos, Réunion
27th October, 2009. Hongkong

Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher is endemic to area of Mauritius and Réunion, although the bird lives in restricted area, it still have huge population widely to be found in subtropical and tropical moist lowland forest. Réunion is a volcano island located in west Indian Ocean, in the middle of Madagascar and Mauritius. Seashore is tropical rainforest climate for whole year and it suitable for most tropical species, include Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher. Different than seashore, internal of Réunion is mountain climate as the active volcano of north-west elevated 3,060.5m named Piton des Neiges, and Piton de la Fournaise elevated 2,631m is on the eastern side of island.

The mail was sent from a town Cilaos, populated 6,100 inhabitants located in the central of Réunion. As there near Piton des Neiges, a caldera also called Cilaos is not far away from the town. In the May of 1952, there recorded the world greatest amount of rainfall in one day (1,870mm) and keep the record until now.

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