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25 November 2009

Lesser Whistling Duck

Lesser Whistling Duck (栗樹鴨)
Indonesia (2000)

9th November, 2009. Tanahmas, Semarang

Lesser Whistling Duck is not first time to show in this blog, however it only has been appeared as small bird of Cambodia issue. The bird quite commonly resident in south and south-east Asian countries, from Sri Lanka, India, Malay to Vietnam and Indonesia, also the south bank of Yangzi River of China, Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands. In Indonesia, the species only to be found in Sumatra, Java, south-west of Kalimantan and its nearest islands. The type locality of Lesser Whistling Duck located in Java.

Above cover sent from Semarang, where is a town of northern Java. Actually it is not first mail from Indonesia but is first one affixed with bird stamps. The stamp issued on 2000 as reprinted and colour changed, original stamp issued on 1998 was one of Duck definitive stamp set. Swap stamps and covers with Indonesian is not easy as the mails always lost in this country and don't have any recovery.
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