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30 January 2010

Birds of the Jordan Valley (2)

Common Crane (灰鶴)
Israel (2002)

25th November, 2009. Jerusalem
2nd December, 2009. Hongkong

Continuous from last Israel thread, the last stamp on this cover is not very surprisingly as it is very normally to be found in many issues of different countries, especially located the seashore of Mediterranean. Therefore, Common Crane is very commonly in this area, and of course includes Israel. The stamp illustrating a group of cranes flyover the fields of Jordan Valley, as the last description, there are about 11,100 residents living in Jordan Valley, either belong to Israel or Jordan.

The most interesting of the cover is the make-up rate stamp issued on 2009 - actually it is too sharp and covered the colour of bird stamp. It illustrates a melting earth on the cooking pan, make a serious warning to people our would is destroying if not start to protect it.
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