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27 March 2010

Black-browed Albatross

Black-browed Albatross (黑眉信天翁)
Falkland Islands (2009)

6th January, 2010. Fox Bay

After three half years, I received a mail again from Falkland Islands. No surprisingly and of course it arranged by the philatelic bureau. Thanks for their great help, and also in the meantime, they helped me send a registered mail from British Antarctic Territory but it still on the way to Hongkong. However I was stupid as I forgot to order newest WWF stamp. Not same as before, the cover sent from Fox Bay, the second post office still works in Falkland Islands. The territory, nowadays has three post offices, they are Stanley Port, Fox Bay and one BFPO inside military base (no. 655).

It is not first cover with Black-browed Albatross stamp, the last one also from Falkland Islands, is a definitive stamp. Black-browed Albatross is an endangered albatross widely lives in sub-Antarctic Ocean and its islands, also further south of America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The population quickly decreasing to estimated 150,000 pairs in 2005 while originally in 1,000,000 pairs in 1980. In this year, there has about 400,000 birds were breeding in Falkland Islands.

The illustrated cover shown a Black-browed Albatross flying over a cliff, while the block of four illustrates the bird over the Southern Ocean.
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