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1 March 2010

French DOM collection (4) - Guadeloupe

Purple-throated Carib (紫喉蜂鳥)
France (2005)

2nd December, 2009. Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe
12th December, 2009. Hongkong

Not any surprising, the Purple-throated Carib has been appeared in last mails and they have been shown here, but these mails are sent from France. Now I would show the new one, also the last one in the series of overseas department of France. After this mail, I have collected at least one mail from each overseas departments or territories of France. Please check the link on the right side for other images.

Purple-throated Carib is one of beautiful hummingbird commonly but endemic to Caribbean islands. As same as its name, the throat is in purple-red colour, and body in black. With greenish wings and blueish tail. It is easy to be found in low-land tropical forests or degraded former forest.

After this mail, the 'French DOM collection' is finished. Since prepared on 2 October and received them on 13 December, only 2 months to fininsh this project, and I used 70% French mint stamps of my collection to make the letters in correct postage rate. The very special features of this mail are the Guadeloupe postmark in reddish colour and there have two arrival postmarks of Hongkong.

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