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14 March 2010

Jackal Buzzard and Lammergeier

FrontR3 : Jackal Buzzard (非洲鵟) ; R2,50 : Lammergeier (髭兀鷹)
Lesotho (2001)

20th December, 2009. Maseru

These two species are common bird of preys in southern Africa, Jackal Buzzard which specified as three sub-species widely live in Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and southern African countries. Two of species to be found in Ethiopia or Somalia as known as Augur Buzzard (暗棕鵟) and Archer's Buzzard (索馬里鵟) respectively. Jackal Buzzard is in blown colour in juvenile and changes to black in adult while it measured up to 60cm long. Lammergeier, also called Bearded Vulture, is widely live in eastern Europe, Middle Asia and grassland of East Africa, also some of birds can be found in whole country of Lesotho and partly of eastern South Africa.

This registered mail, sent from capital of Lesotho in late-December of last year, bears a unique UPU standard registration barcode label. The number RR000004095LS is the smallest UPU standard registration number I collected, while the second one was sent from St Helena numbered as RJ000009937SH.

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