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9 October 2009

Biodiversity : Foundation of the Prince Albert II of Monaco

Lammergeier (鬍兀鷲) and Bonelli's Eagle (白腹山鵰)
Monaco (2008)

8th September, 2009. Monte-Carlo

To help public and private organisations develop initiatives in the fields of research and studies in area of climate change, water and biodiversity, Prince Albert II of Monaco set up a new foundation on 2008 which supports the implementation of innovative solutions. The members of the board of directors come from different countries and Prince Albert II is one of the member.

Monaco Post Office issued a stamp to commemorate this event, the stamp illustrates two prey of birds Lammergeier and Bonelli's Eagle. Lammergeier widely lives in the area of The Himalayas, Middle East and Corsica, also to be found in Kenya and South Africa. It normally diets bird eggs, wild rabbits or dead animals. It has a habit throw bones or turtle to stone for eat the preys easier.

Thanks David sent the cover from Monaco, the stamps cancelled by computer slogan postmark to promote the stamp exhibition held in Monte-Carlo on 4-6 of December.
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