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19 March 2010

Last mail of 2009

From left to right :
Indian Black Eagle (林雕) ; Black Kite (黑鳶)

Crested Serpent-eagle (大冠鷲) ; Hodgson's Hawk Eagle (赫氏角鷹)
Taiwan (1998)

31st December, 2009. Chang Chun Road, Taipei

Thanks to James he sent me the cover on the last day of 2009, and also it is my last mail postmarked on 2009. Although the envelope does not look special, it affixed with a set of conversation stamp set issued on 1998. Eight stamps illustrate 4 preys of birds in se-tangent strip format. Those birds are very common in mountain areas of Taiwan and Far East.

Indian Black Eagle, formally called Black Eagle, is the second long wings of Taiwanese eagles, mostly appears in Pinglin, the north-east forest of Taiwan. Black Kite is a common bird in south-east Asia, and it appears in most area of the country. Crested Serpent-eagle is a middle size prey of birds in the world, widely lives in the southern Asia to south-east Asia. Mountain Hawk Eagle (鷹雕) normally to be found in the pin forests of high mountain area and it has 4 sub-species ; the Taiwan one called Hodgson's Hawk Eagle S. n. fokiensis is hardly to find them in natural area.
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