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2 April 2010

Endangered birds of Belize

$5,00 : Great Curassow (大鳳冠雉)
$1,00 : Slate-coloured Seedeater (灰藍食籽雀)
Belize (2009)

11th January, 2010. GPO (Belize City)

In last July, Belize issued a set of stamps illustrate five endangered birds, I specially sent a note to Belize Post to buy one set. However as there have some mistake, my note is not enough to pay the stamps but they still kindly replied my letter. Here, is one of the returned mail from them, is affixed with two of this issue, Great Curassow and Slate-coloured Seedeater respectively. Males Great Curassow mainly in black colour, however females can be in three different looks. It measured in 18 to 92 cm long and weight in 4,8 kilogram, widely lives in the tropical rainforest of rthe ange of south Mexico to Columbia. Slate-coloured Seedeater is a common seedeater which is in grey colour with yellowish bill, widely live in subtropical and tropical low-land forests, from Mexico to Venezuela.
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