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17 April 2010

J. J. Audubon (2), stamps of Cayes of Belize

Front75c : Semipalmated Sandpiper (半蹼濱鷸)
$1,00 : Yellow-crowned Night Heron (黃頂夜鷺)
Cayes of Belize (1985)

11th January, 2010. GPO (Belize City)

In 1985, near 30 countries issued a common theme stamp set to commemorate the bicentenary birth of J. J. Audubon (26th April, 1785 - 27th January, 1851) who is an ornithologist and artist. Most of countries chose his illustrations for the stamps and Cayes of Belize was one of the postal administration. Cayes of Belize is a group of islands and reefs along the coast of Belize, is a famous place for diving and vacation to European and American. The place, issued its own stamps on 1984 to 1985 then no longer has stamp issue, in beginning all of the Cayes of Belize stamps are not be catalogued by large philatelic publishers, but most of them still valid for postage in the Belize until now. Above registered mail is an example of using Cayes of Belize stamps, affixed 8 Audubon stamps which sent on early-January of 2010.

Semipalmated Sandpiper commonly breeds in tundra of Arctic, mostly the living area near water. In winter, the bird along the east coastline of America migrates to South America, while the group can be more than thousand birds. It rarely to be found in West Europe and Asia. Yellow-crowned Night Heron is a resident heron endemic to Caribbean Islands, however some birds may fly to Canada in breeding season. The heron is in grey colour with white crown, measured estimate 60cm tall.

It is the second cover features Audubon stamps, the last one is France. Next year is 250th anniversary of death of Audubon, hope there will have new issues to commemorate this event.