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1 October 2010

Ducks of Jersey

Wigeon (赤頸鴨)
Jersey (2004)
16th June, 2010. Gorey

After the last stupid experience, this time I decided to send my request to sub-post office of Jersey, instead of philatelic bureau. Although the postmarks on both card and cover are not good enough, I still happy to see that they are really cancelled by postal used cancellation (not philatelic one). Gorey is in the easternmost of Jersey, where is a village with thousands of resident.

This time, I selected three Birds I stamps issued on 2004, for maxicard and postage. Wigeon, Pochard and Green-winged Teal are very common to be found in most European area.

L : Pochard (紅頭潛鴨) ; R : Eurasian Teal (綠翅鴨)
Jersey (2004)
16th June, 2010. Gorey
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