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1 March 2011

Grand Cayman Parrot

Grand Cayman Amazon (開曼島亞馬遜鸚鵡)
Cayman Islands (1993, 1997)

5th October, 2010. North Side (Registered Dept.)

In the last post related to Ukraine, it shown a first day cover of Cuban Amazon (古巴亞馬遜鸚鵡) which commemorated 150th anniversary of foundation of Kiev Zoo. However, stamps illustrated wildlife is the first choice to collect and now I show one came from Cayman Islands, is one of World Wild Fund series in 1993 illustrates Grand Cayman Amazon, former was a sub-species of Cuban Amazon. The parrot is the national bird of Cayman Islands, the far-left stamp with description.

Grand Cayman Amazon is endemic to Cayman Islands, to be found in Grand Cayman only as it is restricted. Now the population about 3.400 birds and also recorded about 600 birds in Cayman Brac. On the Grand Cayman, the parrot easy to find in the trail of middle area according to the place is Central Mangrove Wetland and undeveloped.

Above cover sent from North Side post office, is one nearby post office of Central Mangrove Wetland. The postmark NS is the short-form of North Side. While other similar example H means Hell post office.
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