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24 February 2011


Namaqua Sandgrouse (納馬誇沙雞)
South Africa (2010)

1st October, 2010. Tshwane

It is the second post related to Africa during February, totally I will show three in this month. South Africa continued to issue wild animals during 2010, on September a set of 5 stamps illustrate different species to be found, or common species which live in Richtersveld, a UNESCO heritage site inscripted on 2007. It was the third set of South African stamps related to birds in 2010, included International Year of Biodiversity and South Africa bird series : Grassland Birds.

Richtersveld is a mountainous desert landscape in the north Namaqualand of South Africa, sitting in the border of Namibia. The area keeps wide ranges of animals and plants, and also there is a home to Nama, traditional residents of South Africa. Namaqua Sandgrous is an endemic species to be found in Richtersveld, and also Angola, Botswana and Namibia.