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25 November 2010

New World Warblers and Sparrow

From left to right :
Black-throated Green Warbler (黑喉綠林鶯)
Black-and-white Warbler (黑白苔鶯) ; Red Fox Sparrow (紅狐狸麻雀)

St Pierre & Miquelon (2008, 2010, 2009)
17th August, 2010. Saint-Pierre

Here is a special St Pierre & Miquelon's cover sent by Tristan, thanks to him again after his last cover from Saba, the Netherlands Antilles. SPM (short form of the territory) is located in north-east of America, off-shore of Newfoundland of Canada to be found about 300 bird species. Two years ago a registered cover features Rough-legged Hawk (粗腿鷹) shown here was the first cover in my collection. Above cover, featuring 3 recent issues is the second one.

Black-throated Green Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler are belong to Parulidae (林鶯科), they are small songbird and only live in east part of North America. Black-throated Green Warbler breeds in south Canada, also SPM, and they follow the coastline migrate to Gulf of Mexico in winter. Black-and-white Warbler, as well as zebra, with overall black-and-white vein pattens. It habits in most part of Canada, SPM and most eastern area of United States, also migrates to Latin America in winter.

Red Fox Sparrow, under Emberizidae (鵐科) family, also a common sparrow in America. It is a sub-species of Fox Sparrow (狐色麻雀) which has brightest body colour and habits in central and east coasts, include Newfoundland and SPM. In winter and non-breeding season, it migrates to further south on October and returns back on May next year.
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