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12 November 2010

From Los Glaciares to Tierra del Fuego

From left to right :
Magellanic Woodpecker (卡通鳥)
Falkland Islands Steamerduck (福克蘭海鴨) ; Brown Skua (褐賊鷗)
Argentina (1989, 1994, 2001)
20th August, 2010. San Luis Suc, San Luis

Thanks to Óscar of this mail, the cover affixed 3 stamps issued between late-80's to early 21 century. Luckily they are ordered by issue year and geography. Magellanic Woodpecker a large woodpecker to be found in Los Glaciares National Park, which located in Patagonia Province. It was declared as UNESCO heritage site on 1981. Except south Argentina, it also to be found in south-half of Chile. Falkland Islands Steamerduck, is endemic to Falkland Island, where specially named in Argentina as Islas Malvinas. The islands, include its territory South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, be claimed by Argentina. The islands now under Tierra del Fuego Province. The Tierra del Fuego also includes part of Antarctica, although the area also claimed by Chile and Great Britain. The last stamp commemorated 50th anniversary of San Martin base. It featuring a Brown Skua is one of common bird in Antarctica.