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20 November 2010

Canadian Geographic's Wildlife Photography of the Year

From left to right :
Great Blue Heron (大藍鷺) ; Rufous Hummingbird (褐背蜂鳥)
Tree Swallow (樹燕)

Canada (2010)
1st September, 2010. Vancouver

In each year. Canadian Geographic, a national wildlife magazine holds a competition for their resident entry wildlife photographing. On 2009, there are 52 photos related to different categories win the competition. Five of winning photographs issued as a souvenir sheet in mid-2010 by Canada Post. Above letter, thanks to Ong sent me three stamps photographed birds species.

Great Blue Heron was taken by Martin Cooper in autumn, he caught the heron standing on the rock of Gray and Byrne creeks, Burnaby. Grey Blue Heron is a common migratory bird in North America, it will fly to Gulf of Mexico or coast of East Pacific for winter. However, the birds live in south United States are resident.

Rufous Hummingbird was taken by Wing Yan Tam who only 15, she said she waiting the bird for hours in Richmond Nature Park, Vancouver. Rufous Hummingbird habits in the forest edges of western North America, from south Alaska to California. The bird will migrate to south during July and August and arrive Guerrero of Mexico.

Tree Swallow was taken by Mark Bradley in unusual nesting place of Jasper, Alta. He made a description to the photograph says people endure strange looks who couldn't understand why he was pointing such a large lens at an ordinary pipe. Tree Swallow also a migratory of North America, it moves to south for winters in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

For more entries and original photograph of the winner, please visit the official website