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22 December 2010

Art of Turkey again

250.000 Lira : Rüppell's Warbler (魯普氏林鶯)
1.000.000 Lira : Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀)
600.000 Lira : Melodious Warbler (優音籬鶯)
Turkey (2004)
19th August, 2010. Pasaport, Ízmir

Thanks A. Demír again he frequency to send me fine art covers with personalised 'stamp' - please note it is for decoration only. This time, he affixed two woodpecker personalised 'stamps', which looks like European Green Woodpecker (綠啄木鳥). Below them, there are 4 real Turkish stamps which are presented before. However, the stamps seem oddly as they has postmarked before, are they recycle stamps ?
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