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28 February 2012

St. Margrethen and Kaltbrunn

Common Tern (普通燕鷗)
Switzerland (1992)
26th April, 2011. St. Margrethen

This time, did not do any stupid as last Philippine maxicard. The card photographed real Common Tern and the stamp illustrated same species, although it is a commemorative stamp in 19 years ago ! For me it is not a big problem due to I only collect bird theme stamps.

The maxicard postmarked in St. Margrethen, it is a border town of Swiss near Austria. Not far away is Austrian village In der Schanz and Lac Bodensee, as shown in the map of stamp. There is a small wetland attract couple of migratory birds in each year, Common Tern is one of common visitors of the area.

Not far away from St. Margrethen, Kaltbrunn also in the Canton of St. Gallen. Is a town in the mountain area, nearby the town there has a protected area called Kaltbrunner Ried. It seems a small wetland to wild animals and birds. As this, the postmark which used in Kaltbrunn is feature a sight of the wetland. Two birds on the postmark probably like Black-headed Gull (紅嘴鷗).

Common Cuckoo (普通杜鵑)
Switzerland (2006)
6th December, 2011. Kaltbrunn

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