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13 March 2011

Is it a Nightingale ?

$2,50 : Bird in Moonlight (月夜小鳥) ; $3,00 : Flower and Butterfly (花蝶)
Hongkong (2009)
16th May, 2009. Hongkong

In 2009, Hongkong Post issued a set of Museum collections features 6 Chinese drawings and calligraphy. Two of them are collections of Hong Kong Heritage Museum illustrated beauty of nature. After the issue, I spent an afternoon to find these two drawings in the museum, and have a conclusion that the bird in the drawing Bird in Moonlight is Nightingale (夜鶯). It is not surprise as the artist GAO Qifeng (1889 - 1933) drew a bird singing at night with full-moon, the bird has black coloured back and write in stomach. For real bird of nightingale, it is brown coloured back with white stomach, and it likes to sing in midnight, so the drawing exactly similar to species, the variety because Chinese painting rarely to use brown ink.

Nightingale is frequency appear on art of culture, either west or east. The past maxicard of Slovenia, is an example of Slovenian poetry Simon Gregorčič (1844-1906) written a famous poem Soči related to Nightingale.

The other one drawing features nature is Flower and Butterfly by JU Lian (1828 - 1904). A butterfly stops in a peony (牡丹), however so pity that the butterfly is hard to identify.
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