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2 April 2011

Singapore ATM - Singapore Botanic Gardens

Mute Swan (疣鼻天鵝)
Singapore (2009)
24th December, 2010. Singapore

Following the issue of Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singpost renewed their vending machine label as similar as the issue. This vending machine label locally called SAM, as known as ATM stamp in the world. Thanks Eddie sent me a Christmas greetings card in the Christmas Eve so I got a copy of the label. The label shown a couple of Mute Swan, seems they are feed by the botanic gardens. This species is not domestic bird of Singapore however most of gardens in the world feeding them as attraction.

The famous feeding place of Mute Swan is Abbotsbury Swannery, where is in Dorset, England. A set of stamps issued as a cover shown here on February 14.
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