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5 July 2009

Tallinn's Zoological Gardens

From left to right :
Steller's Sea Eagle (虎頭海鵰) ; European Mink (毆洲水鼬)
Cinereous Vulture (灰禿鷲)
Estonia (1997)

21st October, 2008. Jöhvi

To commemorate the Tallinn Zoo founded 70th anniversary, Estonia Post issued a sheetlet feature six stamps on 1997. Two of them are birds and others are mammals. Above cover shown upper part of the sheetlet, which bears decoration of garden's logo, thanks for Kristiina of this nice cover. Two birds cannot be found in Estonia - Steller's Sea Eagle lives in north-east of Asia, only 5,000 to 6,000 birds recorded in recent years. Most of them will move to Hokkaidō of Japan and Kuril Islands of Russia in winter. Cinereous Vulture widely lives in central-Asia, it breeds across southern Europe and Asia from Spain to Korea. European Mink can be found in some regions of Spain, France, part of eastern Europe includes Estonia and the greater part of Russia except east of the Ural Mountains.

They are endangered species in the world and be protected now.