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17 June 2011

Conservation in Tristan da Cunha (1)

10p : Inaccessible Island Rail (呆秧雞) ; 5p : Wandering Albatross (漂泊信天翁)
Tristan da Cunha (2010)

2nd December, 2010. Tristan da Cunha

In late-2010, the post office of Tristan da Cunha decided replace their old definitive issue which using over 5 years. This time shown 12 variety situations about conservation in this remote islands, and also the most important heritage site. Four of stamps related to bird and above are two of them. Inaccessible Island Rail is a rail endemic to Inaccessible Island, an south-west island with 45km distance with Tristan da Cunha, now the island listed as World Heritage Site.

Until now, Inaccessible Island still has many flightless birds species and some of them are endemic to the island. Meanwhile, it also a good hub for seabirds which live in Southern Ocean, one example is Wandering Albatross. Now, all species in albatross family be listed as endangered and they have a big chance disappear in the world next 50 years.

Stamp 10p shown a rail lays under lawn and the 5p one is featuring two conservators measuring an albatross.
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