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8 August 2011

Owls of topical Africa

From left to right :
300F : Pel's Fishing Owl (橫斑漁鴞) ; 500F : Marsh Owl (沼澤貓頭鷹)
90F : Barn Owl (倉鴞) ; 205F : Fraser's Eagle-Owl (弗雷氏雕鴞)
Congo, Republic of (1996)

15th October, 2010. Brazzaville

Although Republic of Congo not as well as its neighbourhood country Democratic Republic of Congo has attractive Mountain Gorilla (山地大猩猩), along the Congo River, it still finds rich biodiversity environment. This range area to be found different kinds of migratory or resident birds during October to next March. Two years ago, here selected White Stork (白鸛) and Northern Pintail (針尾鴨) which are two of regular migratory bird of Congo, this time are four owls, they are common to be found in Congo.

Pel's Fishing Owl and Marsh Owl are resident of sub-Sahara area also Madagascar. Pel's Fishing Owl is a large, brown owl normally catch fishes or frogs as its diet. However small mammals, or insects are main diet of Marsh Owl. Local found Barn Owl mostly is a sub-species T. a. affinis, it looks grey in upper part and light buff with extensive speckles of lower part. Fraser's Eagle Owl is endemic to sub-Sahara area, also a common owl in Congo.

In the same time to fulfil enough postage, a set of Calabar Angwantibo (金熊猴) stamps which is a series of WWF also affixed on the envelope. Feature details has been posted to sub-page.
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