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22 August 2011

Peafowl in western's eyes (1) - Jean Kefalinos

Greek engravers on 20th century (二十世紀希臘雕刻匠)
Greece (2011)

10th March, 2011. Dafni, Attica

Jean Kefalinos, in Greek : Γιάννης Κεφαλληνός (12 July, 1894 - 27 February, 1957), was a well-known engraver in Greece and mostly all of the works were printed in books. famous works were printed on books like Slaves in their chains, writing of Costas Varnalis (1928) ; The death of the Medici, writing of Prevelakis Pantelis (1939) ; The peacock, writing of Zacharias Papantoniou (1946) and The Ascetic, writing of Nikos Kazantzakis (1927). Jean also designed couple of Greek stamps during 1950 to 1954.

The stamp on the above envelope and maxicard titled as The Peacock engraved on 1942, which is a single coloured printmaking. However it is hard to find the detail of the work when writing this essay.

Here is the blog of Jean Kefalinos, in Greek only :

MaxicardIndia Peafowl (藍孔雀)
Greece (2011)

20th January, 2011. Athens
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