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11 September 2011

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw (紫藍金剛鸚鵡)
Great Britain (2011)

22nd March, 2011. Trafalgar Square, London

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest species of Psittaciformes (鸚形目), which has unique body, charmed jewelery blued feather are attracted to pet feeder. The macaw is endemic to Amazon tropical palm forests or swamps of southern Brazil, east of Bolivia and north of Paraguay. As it is a popular pet of people, the macaw has big demand in pet market and caused wild macaws are being illegal bird trading. Moreover according to the over development of forest area, their inhabit area are damaged or lost. In 80's year over 10,000 birds be caught and most of them traded to black-market of Brazil, now only 3,000 wild macaws to be found in this area.

The stamp as above comes from souvenir sheet of Great Britain, which commemorated 50th anniversary of Worldwide Fund of Nature. Whole set products include 10 stamps with worldwide endangered mammals and souvenir sheet features 4 species to be found in Amazon forest. But disappointingly none of them related to Great Britain.

Today is a big day as it was a foundation day of Worldwide Fund for Nature in 50 years ago. The orginasation registered at Morges, Switzerland on 11th September by Sir Julian Huxley who is a British biologist.
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