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15 November 2011

Post & Go labels (IV)

From left to right :
Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚); Arctic Tern (北極燕鷗) ; Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴)
Common Ringed Plover (環頸鴴) ; Northern Gannet (北方塘鵝)
Great Cormorant (普通鸕鶿)

Great Britain (2011)
16th September, 2011. Trafalgar Square, London
In the Autumn Stampex, Post Office released its fourth bird Post & Go labels, which is the last in this series. This time features 6 seabirds are common to be found in seashores of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Not surprisingly the species have been appeared on stamps. Above cover is the first day cover of the label sent from London.

As the seabirds mostly inhabiting in northern nation of the country, a set of maximum cards as below which I arranged to be cancelled in those variety post office in Scotland.

Northern Gannet (北方塘鵝)
Great Britain (2011)
6th October, 2011. North Berwick, East Lothian

In the offshore of North Berwick, there has a rock called The Base Rock where is a praise of gannets. Three-fourths of British gannets to be found in this island, however the island has its own castle and lighthouse.

Arctic Tern (北極燕鷗) ; Great Cormorant (普通鸕鶿)
Great Britain (2011)
5th October, 2011. Holy Island, Northumberland

Holy Island, is a tidal island off coast of Northumberland, England. The island formally called Lindisfarne, the lower margin of postmark called Berwick on Tweed is parliament of the island. The island is historical but it also is a nature reserve named Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve, in there can be observed thousand of seabirds in each migration seasons.

Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚)
Great Britain (2011)
4th November, 2011. Marloes, Pembrokeshire

Puffin is common and cute seabird in the country. Marloes is one of best place to find them in breeding seasons.

Common Ringed Plover (環頸鴴) ; Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴)
Great Britain (2011)
7th October, 2011. Fair Island, Shetland

Last two cards are cancelled in Fair Isle, Shetland. Shetland is the most important islands to seabirds, it is in the north-east of Scotland. Only 15 island inhabited while all of them colonised by seabirds ! Fair Isle and Fetlar are the islands in the east side of Shetland, only few inhabitant in there but have thousands of different seabirds like gannet, puffin and oystercatcher. A RSPB reserve has been built in the islands. The stamps as below cover, was issued on 1999 to commemorate centenary of RSPB.

Clockwise from top-left :
32p : Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴) ; 27p : Pied Avocet (反嘴鷸)
25p : Northern Gannet (北方塘鵝) ; 19p : Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚)
Great Britain (1999)

3rd May, 2011. Fetlar, Shetland
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