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28 December 2011

Mayotte, after it becomes an overseas department of France

Clockwise from top-left :
Mayotte White-eye (栗脅繡眼鳥) ; Mayotte Sunbird (馬約島花蜜鳥)
Aldabra Red-headed Fody (阿爾達巴拉紅頭雀) ; Mayotte Drongo (馬約特卷尾)
Mayotte (2002)
12th April, 2011. Mamoudzou

In the beginning of this year, I receive a greetings mail from Mayotte Philatelic Bureau, it let me remember the situation of this remote islands. Mayotte, is an islands between Madagascar and Comoros. They originally are colonies of France, after Madagascar and Comoros got independence, Mayotte still was a territory until 2010, when the residents voted and decided become an overseas department of France. Since 1892 the colonies government issued its first set of stamps, then for a long period Mayotte were using nearby colonies or French stamps until 1997, when a set of overprinted Marianne issued and Mayotte has its own stamps again.

Above mail specially requested to be sent after March 31, the day becomes an overseas department of France. However all kind of things are never change. The bird stamps on the envelope are endemic species of Mayotte, except Aldabra Red-headed Fody - it also to be found in Seychelles.

The latest issue, as shown below, issued on April 4 still bearing 'Mayotte' name is a Madagascar Bee-eater. The species only endemic to Madagascar, Mayotte and Comoros ; and also parts of Namibia and Mozambique.

Confirmed in mid-2011, Mayotte will use French stamps again after December 31, that means Mayotte stamps will be discontinued on 2012. If you still missing a mail from this islands, still have 3 days to get it.

Madagascar Bee-eater (馬達加斯加蜂虎)
Mayotte (2011)
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