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9 January 2012

Indepex 2000

Clockwise from top-left of block of 4 :
Rosy Starling (粉紅椋鳥) ; Garganey (白眉鴨)
Forest Wagtail (山鶺鴒) ; White Stork (白鸛)
India (2000)

20th June, 2011. Anna Road, Chennai

To be honest, Indian stamps are not my flavour according to the quality not fulfill my demand, the themes not attractive and print quality are not good as other developed countries. Only few quantity I collected and one of them as above, which is a block of four features birds to commemorate Indepex 2000, it is the last Indian stamp set I collected. Four species are very common to southern Asian countries, and Rosy Starling is one of famous pet-bird in Chinese area.

There also has some stamps on the back of cover, please refer to WWF special page.

Asiatic Lion (亞洲獅)
India (1999)
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