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2 February 2012

40th anniversary of the convention on wetlands

40th anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands

Belarus (2011)
15th November, 2011. Kobryn Brest Reg.

In 2/2/1961, 18 initial signatory nations signed a convention in Ramsar, Iran which related to protect important wetlands in the world. The former-USSR is one of signatory nation, and of course the convention also effected to Belarus. After its 40 years, total 160 countries and areas are the signatory nations which includes the newest member Laos.

A special envelope illustrated couple of Mallard (綠頭鴨) to commemorate this event by Belarus Post. Although Belarus is a small country in eastern Europe, it has Sporovsky, Pripyat, Prostyr, Zvanets, Olmanskie Marsh, Yelnya", Osveysky, Kotra and Berezina Biosphere Reserve etc. valuable wetlands to keep the country biodiversity.

Extra make-up rate stamp is illustrated Burbot (江鱈), which is a classics river fish to be found in cold areas of higher than Latitude 45º N, Asia and Europe.
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