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18 April 2012

300th anniversary of discovery of Clipperton Island

Austropacific Masked Booby (藍臉鰹鳥/西太平洋亞種)
France (2011)
2nd November, 2011. Igny, Essonne

After Martin de Chassiron and Michel Du Bocage discovered Clipperton Island, where is a coral reef island offshore of south-western Mexico. It becomes possession of France and now under trusteeship by French Polynesia. But course until now, it still an uninhabited island, and it only is a paradise of seabirds and couple species of crab. Few coconut palms are planted during some visitors visited.

The cover shown a stamp issued by La Postes to commemorate 300th anniversary of this discovery. Stamp clearly illustrated the bird's-eye viewed Clipperton Island, palm trees and the seabird. Probably it is sub-species of Masked Booby, a seabird quite commonly to be found in oceans. Other common seabirds can be observed are noddies, terns and bobbies.
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