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12 September 2012

Owls of Taiwan (2)

From left to right :
NT$25 : Brown Hawk-owl (褐鷹鴞) ; NT$10 : Tawny Owl (褐林鴞)
NT$5 : Mountain Scops-owl (黃嘴角鴞)
NT$5 : Short-eared Owl (短耳鴞)
Taiwan (2012)

6th June, 2011. Nanhai Post Office, Taipei

After the first issue on last year, post office continues to issue owls series on early June as well as last year features 4 endemic species, only 13 owl species are discovered and now come out 8 of them. Same as last description, the stamps not surprising to stamp collectors or bird theme collector, stamps look boring and seem missing something.

Thanks James Chen for the coordination of the first day cover and maxicard.

Short-eared Owl (短耳鴞)
Taiwan (2012)
6th June, 2011. Taipei
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