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25 December 2012

Threatened birds of Jersey

From left to right :
55p : Stonechat (黑喉石鵖) ; 88p : Yellowhammer (黃鵐)
70p : Eurasian Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; 60p : Cirl Bunting (黃道眉鵐) ; 68p : Serin (金絲雀)
45p : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (小斑啄木鳥)
Jersey (2012)
7th November, 2012. Jersey

In last post of Jersey, I've been said that I won't buy Jersey stamps any more. However, after a year, bird stamps come again, it is the sixth also last series of bird series illustrated by Nick Parlett, who is local artist of Jersey. In late-June, I still order the stamps from Jersey Post but sadly, an uncomfortable experience given by the philatelic bureau again - the cancellation works finished on November and the special cancellation still unobtainable.

Six species are common in European continent but as Jersey is an island in English Channel, or can be says as offshore of France. Those birds are rarely fly to there or become less colonist in the island.

Although below five maxicards are cancelled by ordinary postmark, they still look nice and attractive.

55p : Stonechat (黑喉石鵖) ; 88p : Yellowhammer (黃鵐)
68p : Serin (黑喉絲雀)

70p : Eurasian Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; 45p : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (小斑啄木鳥)
Jersey (2012)
7th November, 2012. Jersey
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