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5 December 2012


From top left to bottom right :
550t : Lammergeier (胡兀鷲) : 100t ; Himalayan Vulture (高山兀鷲)
300t : Egyptian Vulture (白兀鷲) ; 400t : Cinereous Vulture (灰禿鷲)
150t : Griffon Vulture (黑白禿鷲)
Mongolia (2002)
26th October, 2012. Ulaanbaatar
7th November, 2012. Hong-Kong

Aegypiinae, is a sub-family of Old World vultures in the Accipitridae family. In Mongolia, as most of the country is montane ecology and plateau, there to be found variety species of vultures, either are residents or migrates. Above cover features whole set of vulture stamps issued on 2002 by Mongol Post, it also is a first cover from this secret far-east area. Just one extra information to say Bogdkhan National Park is located in the south of Ulaanbaatar.

So pity that, most of Mongol stamps are given too commercial image to collector, even most of stamps are belong to Mongolia. Perhaps, as rarely people can be visited there or receive a snail mail from there.
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