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14 February 2013

Black-winged Stilt

Black-winged Stilt (黑翅長腳鷸)
Bosnia Herzegovina/Herceg Bosna (2005)
2nd March, 2005. Čapljina

Black-winged Stilt is a widely water-bird to be found in the old world - Europe, Africa and Asia, its beautiful body with long pinked legs attracted many birdwatchers. The bird, can be divided into 5 sub-species includes American sub-species, however now the American one becomes one individual species Black-necked Stilt (黑頸長腳鷸) Himantopus mexicanus.

Here is the maxicard of the Bosnian stamp which issued by Herceg Bosna, the country now has three postal administrations to carry mail from different parts of country. Herceg Bosna administration is terminated at Mostar. The postmark is shown the map features a river through Čapljina, the settlement located in the border of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.
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