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10 February 2013

Three Friends and a Hundred Birds

From left to right :
NT$5 : Azure-winged Magpie (灰喜鵲) & Japanese Waxwing (朱連雀)
NT$12 : Common Blackbird (烏鶇) & Azure-winged Magpie (灰喜鵲)
NT$10 : Red-billed Leiothrix (紅嘴相思鳥)

Taiwan (2012)
22nd November, 2012. National Palace Museum, Taipei

Bian Wenjin (c.1356 - c.1428) an important court painter of bird-and-flower subjects during the early Ming dynasty, his style continued in the tradition of fine brushwork and vivid colors from the Northern Song school after the artist Huang Quan (ca. 903-965) combined with the atmosphere achieved by Southern Song academy painters. He was a representative bird-and-flower painter of the early Ming dynasty court who followed in the style of the Northern Song painting academy and also displayed something different as well.

Three Friends and a Hundred Birds was finished on July, 1413. Many Ming dynasty court paintings also have auspicious overtones. The drawing represented by pine, bamboo, and plum blossom symbolize the integrity of a gentleman who does not wither under adversity. Also total of 97 birds are shown here, though not corresponding to the number mentioned in the title, the word for "hundred" in Chinese can also mean "plenty".

Stamps as above are partly selected from the drawing and only show the species names while the bird visible, easy to obverse.

Taiwan (2012)
6th February, 2013 Sing-an, Taipei 
8th February, 2013. Hong-Kong